In my humble beginnings when I started out as an aspiring photographer, the aspect of photography that interests me the most was the Behind-The-Scenes.

Similar to the idiomatic saying of “Three minutes on stage takes ten years of hard work”, BTS of every photography shot is unique and essential to create just that single powerful image.

For each impactful photo, the creation of that single shot is the elaborate technical setup, the human emotion captured in still and motion production, the thoughtful details of the subject, consideration of the client/customer and more. 

During the journey of becoming a corporate photographer, chancing upon the BTS of other photographers were intriguing that sparked me to capture my own BTS. Now, as I look back each of the BTS journey, I am beyond grateful for every client that I came across. Many of client-turned-friends that have trusted me to best represent them and their business. There are many friends and people who are also part of the production that contribute to this journey that remains memorable to date.

Moving forward, I aspire to be creating more corporate portraits tailored to future client’s business needs to capture the best even off the camera, fondly remembered through each BTS.